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I have to do this now before I wimp out completely. You have no idea how absolutely terrified and thrilled I am about this.

'Children of the Dragon', my very first novel, is now available for sale on-line in both hard copy and e-book format.

This story follows Kinrou as he goes from being a ShadowHawk Bandit to a Dragon Warrior, earning the friendship and trust of the other Dragon Warriors. It also contains the material I used for the webcomic 'Children of the Tiger', so if you want to know how that story ends but don't want to wait for me to finish the comic, this is something you will want to check out!

Currently, it is available in the following places: (ebook) -…
     Cost: $2
     Word count (story): 105,150 (paperback) -…
     Cost: $13
     Length: 238 pages (ebook) -…
     Cost: $2

So go have look. I really hope you find it interesting. I'm working on other books in this series (Children of the Wolf and Children of the Fox [next book in the series and picks up where this one leaves off]) as well as getting 'Path of the Warrior' up as well.

I'm really, really excited about this! I'm going to order myself a copy of this book to put on my shelf even if no one else does because this is just so exciting!

Incidentally, if anyone (for some reason) wants to buy a hard copy with an author signature in it, let me know. I can order one to my house, sign it, and mail it to you for only a little more than it costs already. I'd have to ship it twice after all (once to me and then again to you). I'm only bringing this up because a couple of my friends have already been asking about this. I thought I'd open it up to everyone if you want it.

Tell me you bought a copy of this book in any format and I will make a drawing for you in appreciation for your awesomeness. (note: this sin't a bribe, its a thank you)

I'm starting to ramble now, so I'm going to go and delete the old version of this novel from the internet. Thank you for reading and for all the wishes of luck. I really appreciate it.
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